Thursday, 27 February 2014

Smartphones Smart Enough to be Self Destructive

A filing, about the self destructive Smartphones, with Federal Communications Commission in United States was spotted a community site MyCE. Filing beamed on the specific design of a Smartphone introduction to the market by aerospace giant Boeing to be used by government agencies such as military.

Apple, Samsung, Blackberry and Nokia may be the models presently fascinating the market with new models which are secured enough to be used for a common man. But the major airline industry marketer, Boeing is betting on a self destructive Smartphone with peak of the technology.

A filing has been filed with US Federal Communications Commission about the device and named Boeing Black with model number H8V-BLK1, according to the paperwork. The works for the manufacturing of this kind of device are at high priority. The aerospace company has filed to have its correspondence with FCC deemed confidential without any public announcement and interaction.

Boeing Black Phone

Specifications of Boeing Black Phone

The filing states that the Black phone from Boeing will be completely sold to government agencies and companies engaged in contractual activities with defense and homeland security related companies. Low level and operational information about the manufacturing of the product will not be available to the general public before and after the product is completed.

According to the filing, this Boeing Black phone will be dual micro SIM Smartphone that supports WCDMA, GSM and LTE on a wide range of bands to facilitate global use. It will be Equipped with USB, PDMI and HDMI ports also has the features of WiFi and Bluetooth.

Boeing isn't the only company interested in developing snoop-proof mobes. At the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona this week, Blackphone – a collaboration between Spanish startup Geeksphone and security firm Silent Circle – announced that its high-end secure smartphone was available for preorder.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Samsung and Nokia Flaunts Devices at MWC

World’s biggest mobile conference, Mobile World Congress (MWC) officially kicked off yesterday in Barcelona, Spain. There are more than 50,000 people flew to Barcelona to witness the updates from the technology world. Exhibitors from the big companies and government delegates from more than 160 countries make it biggest mobile conference.

Samsung at Mobile World Congress

First day of the conference was very excited with announcement of new gadgets and devices by some the industry biggest names like Nokia, Samsung and HTC. Many industry experts gathered here to get the new gadget updates and observe the technology marketers used in their new devices. Experts were happy about the unveiled devices and gadgets on the first day of the Mobile World Congress.

Samsung uncovered the Galaxy S5 mobile device with the great new look. Many people are waiting to get a glance of the new handset from Samsung marketers. There is not much difference in design for Samsung Galaxy S5 from its predecessor Galaxy S4, little bit in the appearance. Samsung Galaxy S5 is included new features such as heart-rate monitor, long battery life, water resistance case, better camera and as expected fingerprint sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Apart from Galaxy S5, Samsung also unveiled new wearable Gear. New Galaxy Fit, better designs for Gear 2 and Gear 3 used as health tracker with sleek curved beautiful screen to fit your arm. Nokia has unveiled its first ever handset which has Android, Nokia X, X+ and XL. They are Android based but not Android phones; it runs apps from Google’s operating system.

There are many other announcements on the first day of the MWC in Barcelona, Spain. Nokia 220, HTC with its new Desire 816 and 610 models, smartphone Sony Z2, new processors from Intel and many more.

Rafael Nadal Back in Form with A Big Win in Rio Open

The world number one tennis player, Rafael Nadal, wrote another important chapter in life on Sunday. In the decision match of Rio Claro Open, presented by the Spanish, he defeated Alexander Dolgopolov of Ukraine with sequential sets of 6-3, 7-6 (3) and showed an amazing play which surprised the attendees in the stadium.

Rafael Nadal, who returned from a troublesome back injury was desperate to win the title of Rio Open and won it quite easily. The Centre Court was completely packed and supporting in Rafa’s favor which helped him to lift his 62nd career trophy by beating Alexander Dolgopolov.

After the match Nadal said that he was very happy to win this title by playing better than his previous match. The opening attack was very crucial for him as he attacked the opponent which sought to bother him throughout the match. “Most important is to return back to the ground at high level and win, such a good place, feels happy to win after recovery time”, he said.

Nadal wins Rio Claro Open

Besides having a permanent place among the greatest in history, Nadal also follows all brands of sport, by approaching other legends every week. The 62 Trophies puts just two of Pete Sampras and Bjorn Borg, now in fifth place among the greatest champions of the Open Era. "I can’t talk about these numbers or if I'll get to them, this time I won a very important title here in Rio. All these titles serve as a statistic when i retire, then we can tell where I am," he added.

With the title of the first edition of Open presented by Rio Claro HDTV, Nadal now has impressive 16 wins and only one defeat in the 2014 season (he was only defeated in the decision of the Australian Open). The Spaniard remains unbeaten in Brazil, where he had lifted a trophy in Costa do Sauipe in the year 2005 and Sao Paulo in 2013. In all, he has 14 consecutive victories in Brazilian lands.

At the awards ceremony, Nadal praised the presentation and organization of the tournament. The trophy was handed over to Roland Garros octacampeao the hands of another great champion of French clay, Gustavo Kuerten. At the end, Rafa still left a last message to the public who supported him in days of Rio Claro Open, "See you next year".

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Future Feature Path of Samsung Galaxy S5

Many people and industry experts are waiting for the official release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 by major mobile manufacturing company Samsung. It is expected that this handset is going to be unveiled next week at Mobile World Congress. Model and specifications are not officially declared but rumors are touching the sky for this model.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Design

According to the review report in CNET, Samsung Company has overhauled design plan for the new S5 model with possible metal elements. Negative reviews about the plasticky look and feel of the previous models of the company seems motivated the manufacturers who added ridged silver trim around their previous product Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S5

There was no official announcement yet from the Samsung people about the exact model and specifications but one can possibly guess it by comparing to its previous models. But the company has a complete probability of surprising the industry experts and Samsung fans with the use of peak technology in the handset.

Jessica Dolcourt wrote on one of her posts about Samsung Galaxy S5 that she would love to see the appearance of aluminum parts and won’t be surprised if they use their old formula of plastic. The inexpensive materials like plastic than aluminum keep the device lighter as production cost gets lower.

Apart from the body material, people may expect an extra sensor or two just above the screen with not much changes in the layout compare to Galaxy S4 model of three button in the bottom of the screen. There were big rumors that Samsung Galaxy S5 may have all touch controls.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Standards

The previous model Galaxy S4 has a 5-inch 1080p display which is very nice and many people adopted that. There are rumors that S5 may cross company’s previous S4 screen standards. It is expected that it may carry an ultra HD resolution of 2560x1440 pixels as Samsung is expected a lot from this device. There may not be great change in the screen size; company may restrict it to 5-5.2 inches.

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera

Expectations are very high about the inclusion of 16-megapixel camera on the new Galaxy S5 as the company want to move the needle up on all key specs. The factors such as optical image stabilization, improved low light performance and camera filters probably on the consideration in making of the new device.

Samsung Galaxy S5 price may vary depending on where buyer lives and may cost around the same price of Samsung Galaxy S4. The product is expected to be on sale globally in the month of March after few weeks of its launch in next week at Mobile World Market.

WhatsApp Deal A Strong Factor for the Future of Facebook

Fast growing online messaging service WhatsApp Inc is getting sold to Facebook Inc. Social media giant Facebook announced the buying of mobile messaging service WhatsApp for $19 billion. This deal is expected to be one of the largest technology deals ever. Facebook is indicating its move into the mobile messaging market through this big deal.

Facebook WhatsApp deal

Jan Koum, co-founder and chief executive officer of WhatsApp Inc started a company by 2009 after he left Yahoo in 2007 along with his co worker Brian Acton. He was disappointed with the internet companies about focus more on advertising.  They started WhatsApp for people and concentrate more on creating an easy to use messaging product than gaining their marketing pitches.

WhatsApp Co-founders Brian Acton and Jan Koum
WhatsApp Co-founders Brian Acton and Jan Koum

Koum’s desk has a text saying No Ads! No Games! No Gimmicks! This proportionally means he didn’t like these to be on the internet application used by users. He wrote in his blog post that, no one wakes up excited to see more advertising and sleeps thinking about the ads that they going to see in the next day when accessing the application.

Their idea to develop an application with only best user interface than ads paid off with a bang. Famous mobile app, WhatsApp has more than 450 million monthly users, which is more than Twitter; these people exchange messages through their handsets, billions of messages every day getting exchanged through WhatsApp.

This five year old company is bought by Facebook as a largest internet deal since 2001 when Time Warner’s $124 billion deal with AOL in the year 2001. Mark Zuckerberg, chief Executive officer, deal with Koum and Acton to buy WhatsApp and he made them billionaires. Kaum will join the board of directors of Facebook once the deal goes through.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Social Contact Helps to Live Longer

Good news for the people using social networking site daily to update their status and check others. We all know various things which when applied may become the key factors to live longer life. All of you must add one more factor of social networking in the list of factors used for healthy and long living. This report is based on the newly presented research in Chicago.

According to John Cacioppo, psychology professor at the University of Chicago, feeling of depression and extremely lonely can may lead an older person to premature death by 14 per cent, an impact nearly as strong as that of a disadvantaged socioeconomic status. He also noted that social isolation had twice the impact on the risk of death as obesity.

Professor presented the reports of a research on Sunday at annual conference of American Association for the advancement of science in Chicago. A group of 20,000 people were involved in the research, which revealed adverse health effects of feeling alone, high blood pressure, sleep problems and depression.

Social contact Helps to Live Longer

Cacioppo said, “Retiring to Florida to live in a warmer climate among strangers is not necessarily a good thing if it means you are disconnected from people who mean the most for you”. Sedentary lifestyle occupies loneliness which may become the factor to weaken one’s health. Simple exercises such as walking or jogging regularly is not fully solve the risk factors.

Physical activity of a person helps to improve overall functioning of the person’s health and fitness. This physical activity increases the volume of the hippocampus by two per cent, which reverses cerebral aging by one to two years and boosts mental capacities.

Many of the people who feel himself/herself alone or getting depressed with something which he / she didn’t like, are turning towards their social networks to update their status or checking the updates from their friends and others. Nowadays, the social marketing websites are best sources for updated news and also for getting entertained.

By logging into their mind towards the social contacts people can divert their mental and physical condition. Through these networks people are engaging to present situation than thinking to the past. These activities such as Hang Outs in Google+, will help keeping people busy which proportionally helping a key factor for their health.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Guinness World Record at Los Angeles for Largest Continuous Concrete Pour

Los Angeles – Workers made a Guinness World Record at a largest concrete foundation in western USA by pouring more than 2,100 truckloads continuously over more than 18 hours to set a world record. That building is getting constructed to make it the largest skyscraper in that area of western United States of America.

The Wilshire Grand Project made a Guinness World concrete record for the largest continuous pour of concrete, a witnessed Guinness judge said on Sunday. Around 82 million pounds of concrete was poured at the foundation on Sunday in Los Angeles for continuously more than 18 hours which created a world record.
Michael Empric, adjudicator from Guinness said on the scene that, everything just went about as picture perfectly as they expected. It was kind of like a ballet of trucks, fast moving in and out all the time to get this record done.

Largest Continuous Concrete Pour

The concrete pouring work began an afternoon on Saturday at downtown construction site, where the University of Southern California marching band led the parade of concrete trucks. There were 208 concrete trucks delivered 21,000 loads of concrete which weight 82 million pounds, hauling the material from several concrete manufacturing plants around the region.

The concrete was completely poured on 21,200 cubic yards from Saturday afternoon to just before noon on Sunday clearing the previous record of 21,000 cubic yards which was set by Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas in the year 1999, Empric Said. A system of Chiller pipes were installed inside the foundation to cool the concrete as it solidifies.

A Korean group that owns Korean Air Lines is building this construction for $ 1 billion used for private hotel and office. This 73-story high construction building will reach 1,100 feet after finishing which make it the tallest structure in west of Mississippi River. This private hotel is expected to open in the year 2017.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Christina’s Bathroom Death Issue Settled out of Court

WILMINGTON - A hospital and the relatives of Christina Atkins, a 14-year-old girl who died after becoming unable to breathe while she was in a locked bathroom there have settled out of court to resolve a lawsuit brought by the girl's family.

The family of Christina Atkins, who was a ninth-grader from Milton when she died in May 2011, agreed to a resolution that included monetary compensation, said their attorney, James P. Hall. The Atkinses, he said, are also pressing Delaware lawmakers to pass a bill ensuring all hospitals give their staffs quick access to keys that unlock bathroom doors.

According to the report in USA Today, "The parents and siblings miss Christina a great deal," Hall said, "but they're trying to take this loss and build from it and keep her spirit alive. Her death might ultimately save lives around the country." Superior Court records show the Atkinses and Beebe Healthcare told a judge in mid-January that a "resolution has been reached" allowing the lawsuit to be dismissed.

Christina’s Bathroom Death Issue Settled out of Court

In the original complaint, filed in September 2012, the family said Christina's mother, Bonnie Atkins, took her to the emergency room at what was then called Beebe Medical Center in Lewes on May 26, 2011. The teenager had recently been treated for a urinary tract infection and was feeling "extreme discomfort and distress," the lawsuit said.

A nurse in the ER asked Christina to provide a urine sample, pointing her to the restroom. In the locked bathroom, Christina "began to experience respiratory difficulty, which was heard by Christina's mother ... and to nursing and medical personnel in the emergency room department who were all outside the restroom door," the lawsuit said.

Christina Atkins
"I could hear the sounds of my daughter gasping for air," Bonnie Atkins said in testimony in the state House of Representatives last summer in support of a bill that would require hospitals to ensure staff have "ready access to a locked hospital bathroom" in an emergency. "I watched staff stick pens, paper clips and pins in an effort to unlock that door. It would be more than 10 minutes later that security was finally able to locate a key to free my daughter. I never again heard her speak." After a security staffer with a key finally opened the door and ER workers rushed in, Christina was "not responsive," the lawsuit says. She was flown to Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, where she died two days later. The family's blog and memorial websites honoring Christina indicate she was likely suffering from toxic shock syndrome, caused by a bacterial blood infection, before she went to the ER.

The hospital's November 2012 response to the lawsuit admitted no master key was found at the ER's head nursing station, but denied that its nurses and maintenance workers "did not know where the master key was located within the hospital." The stipulation between the Atkinses and Beebe found in court records dismissing the suit does not contain any admission of fault on Beebe Healthcare's part. In a statement Tuesday, Beebe's vice president of quality, safety and risk management, Marcy Jack, said the plaintiffs and Beebe "have amicably resolved the case to everyone's mutual satisfaction."

The hospital, Jack said, "began putting changes into place as soon as the event occurred ensuring access to locked bathrooms," and said all staff are told "to be alert to the smallest signal of a threat to safety and follow up and report the condition before it reaches a patient or visitor or employee."

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Best Exotic Bars in Beautiful Caribbean

Shaken or stirred, frozen or on the rocks, with a cherry on top or delivered to a beach towel on the sand, cocktails are the champions of the Caribbean and although every island and every beach bar boasts its own boozy claim to fame, a really fine drink can morph a great holiday into a grand one. And the right watering hole can keep you lingering long after your thirst is quenched.

According to the Report in USA Today, below listed are the ultimate sexiest bars in the Carobbean Islands,

Spice is right: Grenada
Shaken with ice and keeping a martini glass company, Spice Seduction is the aptly named pour at the Sea and Surf Terrace at the Spice Island Beach Resort. The recipient of umpteen awards, the resort is the quintessential island chill-out. And the pretty mélange of dark rum, the local De La Grenade liqueur which tastes like nutmeg, Blue Curacao made on that other island, orange juice, squeeze of lime to liven it up and a splash of Grenadine to sweeten it up is another reason to extend your stay, at least for one more cocktail hour.

Spice Island Beach Resort, Grenada
Spice Island Beach Resort, Grenada
Big blue: Aruba

Everything in it is blue from the muted blue lighting to the Blue Sky Martini stirred (or shaken). So hip it hurts, Blue Bar on the pool deck at the Renaissance Aruba is the epicenter of cool with one of the happiest Happy Hours on the island, featuring a myriad of martinis and tapas to wash them down.

Renaissance Aruba Resort, Aruba
Renaissance Aruba Resort, Aruba
 Over the top: Jamaica

Celebrating the big 4-0 this year, Rick's Café on the West End cliffs high above Negril is where the brazen go to leap 35 feet into the sea and where those cheering them on go for the potent planter's punch. Opened in 1974 by an American expat, the perch on the hill does a brisk business with spring breakers, regular Joe's and newlyweds who swear by the 'Jamaican Viagra' blended with stout beer, white rum, oatmeal, one egg and finished off with chocolate syrup.

Rick's Cafe, Jamaica
Cliff Diving at Rick's Cafe, Jamaica
Rise and shine: Anguilla

The drink of choice is slightly sweet, dangerously potent and deliciously popular. With a hint of fermented ginger, rum punch-based Duneshine is poured nonstop at the Dune Preserve on Rendezvous Bay. As iconic as the drink, the club's owner is as close to a local legend as it gets. Bankie Banx, a reggae musician by day and night, is also the brains behind Moonsplash -- the biggest festival of the year that brings the house down at the Dune for three days in March. Fashioned from driftwood, out-of-commission racing boats and seashells, the shack on the beach is also revered for A-list celeb-spotting and the honey-glazed ribs grilled over charcoal. For diehards, tickets for Moonsplash, March 13-16, will sell out quickly (so will the ribs).

Dune Preserve anguilla
Dune Preserve anguilla
Drop in the bucket: St. Thomas

If you haven't yet sipped from an ice-filled bucket of VooDoo Juice, Iggie's Beach Bar at the Bolongo Bay Resort is the place of fruity first introductions. Packed with five kinds of Cruzan rum and a splash of fruit juice, the happy hooch goes exceptionally well with a pile of conch fritters and the house-made mango dipping sauce.
Bolongo Bay Resort St. Thomas
Bolongo Bay Resort St. Thomas
Spoonful of sugar: Grand Cayman

Either dessert in a glass or a vacay mainstay, Cayman Mudslide is a boozy tower of ice cream, vodka, Irish Cream, Kahlua and amaretto. In a cold glass on a hot afternoon, the heady drinks are big sellers at the Tortuga Beach Bar at the Westin Grand Cayman. For those with less adventurous tastes buds, stick to the cucumber martini at the Catboat Bar in the lobby. Across the street at the Sunshine Suites, bartenders pour a mean and minty mojito at the Sunshine Grill, which is not only on the A-list for flip-flop regulars but is also Trip Adviser's No. 1 of 49 restaurants in Seven Mile Beach. For those with an unrelenting thirst for the strong stuff, keep your eyes on the clock as the bars stop pouring at midnight.

Cayman Mudslide Grand Cayman
Cayman Mudslide, Grand Cayman
Painkillers: Jost van Dyke

A watering hole like few others, the liquid claim to fame at the Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands is the wildly popular Painkiller -- an intoxicating blend of pineapple, orange and coconut juices fortified with Pusser's dark rum and drizzled with nutmeg. With fewer than 300 inhabitants who at one time included William Thornton, the designer of the U.S. Capitol Building, the ragtag isle is where hammock-sitters, beach towel aficionados and everyone else with time on their hands come to sip until the last one leaves. With a crafty marketing muscle, membership in the Official Painkiller Club comes with a sometimes published newsletter and any benefits you can score by showing it to savvy bartenders worldwide.

Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke
Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke
Libations in the library: Nevis

On the unsung island across the channel from St. Kitts, the classy Library Bar in the swanky Four Seasons Nevis is time travel back to the days before mega resorts and big buffets. In the grand Great House, bartenders pour sass in a glass called a Mangojito that is crafted with the local Brinley's Gold Mango Rum, mint sprigs, a dash of a few other things and a soda spritz to make it sing.

Library Bar in Nevis
Library Bar in Nevis
Bottoms up: St. Maarten

Right at the end of the runway at the Princess Juliana International Airport, Sunset Bar is so close to the action that it might as well be part of the airport. Heads and shoulders above a typical shack on a tropical shore, this one is a big hit with plane spotters who come to watch the jets soaring so close to the beach that many claim they can wave to the pilots in the cockpit. With a Runway Rum Punch in hand, aviation fans listen to air traffic control chatter broadcast on speakers and synch their photo-taking with the flight schedules posted on a giant surfboard. Tip to tourists: The bar is less crowded with out-of-towners on Sunday afternoon and more popular with locals who come for a dip at Maho Beach.

Sunset Bar in St. Marteen
Sunset Bar in St. Marteen
No frills: Barbados

They may not be fancy but there are plenty of them. They're called rum shops and if you believe local lore, there's upwards of 1,200 on the island, which according to the old-timers, is more than the number of churches. With at least one in every village, these no-frills social hubs, such as John Moore Bar and The Watering Hole, are also the go-to spots for a plate of flying fish with a wedge of macaroni pie and the latest cricket scores.

John Moore Bar in Barbados
John Moore Bar in Barbados

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Participate in Surprise Birthday Bash of Colin

A Michigan family is getting attention from all over the world for the surprise birthday celebration of one boy through Facebook page. A desperate mom enlists Facebook users to give her son, who is friendless, a happy birthday through online greetings. The boy’s name is Colin and he doesn’t have any friend to celebrate his 11th birthday.

Colin is a middle schooler who told his mom that there was no point of throwing a birthday party for his birthday as he didn’t have any friends to participate. Lovingly worried mom, Jennifer reacted to his emotional statement with an amazing plan to show him just how he was wrong by creating a Facebook page stating Happy Birthday Colin.

Birthday Boy Colin
Colin's Picture from Facebook
The boy Colin was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder about a year ago which makes him sensitive to things such as lights and sounds which can cause meltdowns. This disorder might have caused to make friendships difficult with other children who don’t understand.

Mother Jennifer told in an interview to Wood TV that, “We were talking about his birthday coming up and I had mentioned it a few times and he said he didn’t want a party. And I said, ‘Why don’t you want a party?” — “Mom, who am I going to invite? I don’t have any friends,’” mother Jennifer recalled Colin saying.

Colin's Mom and Sister Ella
Colin's Mom Jennifer and Sister Ella
She said that these conversational words broke her heart and decided to reach to adults through social media. She created a Facebook page for people to wish her son Colin a Happy Birthday, nothing extra expected. Some of her friends and their friends may like and post wishing comments which may become a good surprise for her son.

A silly little page to make Colin feel good shared across the world in just two days, within a week it crossed a million likes for Colin. This page just grew boosted like a light in the zero, presently it has 1.6m and there almost a month for Colin’s 11th birthday. Jennifer added that her son is going to have lot of friends after this.

On the other side Colin doesn’t know about the Facebook page and its activity. His mom plans to surprise him with it on March 9th, on the birthday of Colin and record the reaction of her son with a camera. She also said that she opened a PO box for people to send Birthday Greeting Cards for her son.

US Act on Curbing Illegal Wildlife Trade

February 12, 2014 – WASHINGTON – A comprehensive strategy for curbing illegal wildlife trade and combating wildlife trafficking has been unveiled by the Obama administration in hopes of curbing illicit poaching that is threatening to wipe out elephants, rhinoceros and other endangered species in Africa. A document was issued stating an almost complete ban on the ivory trade in the United States.

Representatives of many African countries are meeting in London with world’s leading conservationists to discuss on stopping the illegal sale of ivory. As a symbolic gesture, a large pile of ivory was crushed in central London. A major summit is scheduled this week which aimed at curbing the illegal wildlife trade.

Rowena Paxton, who gave away their ivory items to be crushed, said, “I feel like a big weight has been taken off me and I'm now to say goodbye and I just say please, please save our elephants, save our rhino”. In the year 1989, a ban outlawed the internation trade in ivory, but cross border smuggling continues.

According to estimation by conservationists, more than 25,000 elephants are getting killed across Africa each year to extract their tusks for ivory. Sebastian Tiran, French customs official said that every year half ton of ivory is getting seized by France. Tiran added that the trafficking of the protected species depends on the interest of the consumers for ivory.

Experts suggest to reduce the demand in order to curb the illegal ivory trade. China is blamed to be the large market for illegal ivory trade, but Chinese people say that it’s not like before, people protests against the practice in China. The Chinese country has cracked down on the smugglers and joined the other countries such as United States, France, Britain and others to destroy illegal ivory stockpiles.

Conservationists say that Africa's elephant population has dwindled from millions to about 500,000, and that nearly 10 percent are being slaughtered each year.  They warn that only tough action can save the elephants from extinction.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Nokia Introducing Android Smartphones in February

Nokia is preparing to introduce a Smartphone running a version of Google’s Android operating system, the Wall Street Journal reported Feb. 10, citing people familiar with the matter. Nokia, despite its phone division being owned by Microsoft, is expected to show off an Android-running Smartphone at Mobile World Congress.

After years of loyalty to its own Symbian OS, Nokia entered a partnership with Microsoft in February 2011, and since then its high-end Smartphones have run the Windows Phone OS. In September 2013, with Nokia’s financials faltering even as its smartphone sales line was beginning to find an audience, Microsoft purchased Nokia’s Devices & Services business for $7.4 billion.

Nokia Android Smartphones

Before the September 2 announcement of the sale, rumors of such a sale persisted for months, and it was widely expected that if the companies couldn’t reach an agreement—the selling price was the sticking point, according to multiple reports—Nokia would turn to the more popular and top-selling Android.

However, even after the purchase it appears that Nokia is preparing to offer Android Smartphones. The Journal reported that Microsoft appears willing to outsource part of its phone lineup to Android to boost volumes and support its handset manufacturing operation. Higher sales would help cover the high cost of competing in a Smartphone industry dominated by Google, Apple and Samsung.

According to the Journal, the Android phone was already in development when the pair completed their negotiations. The Smartphone will reportedly feature digital services created by Nokia and Microsoft, as well as Here (Nokia’s mapping suite), the streaming music service MixRadio and access to a Nokia app store. Like Amazon’s Android-based tablets, the Nokia Android phones won’t access the Google Play storefront or certain Google-developed features, said the report

It’s expected that the phone will be introduced at the Mobile World Congress trade show, which is scheduled to convene Feb. 24 in Barcelona. “The rumored Android phone strikes me as giving Microsoft and Nokia a way to reach new market segments while pushing Microsoft services and software,” Ken Hyers, a senior analyst with Strategy Analytics, told eWEEK.

Hyers was among those who thought that if a deal couldn’t be reached with Microsoft, it would be rational for Nokia to turn to Android. However, he’d noted that Nokia wouldn’t want to risk losing the $250 million “platform support” payments that Microsoft was making to Nokia each quarter.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Google Glass May Assist NYPD As A Crime Fighting Tool

Google Glass, an advanced headset which is developed with the high-end technology, is now helping New York Police Department to fight with crime. It seems NYPD is taking page out of the playbook of ROBOCOP by providing Google Glass to cops. This gadget will flash life story of the suspect right before their eyes.

This futuristic eyewear has been bought by the NYPD bosses and is beta testing the gadget with positive hopes to introduce them in the field as early as possible. A source of an NYPC said that the device testing is in the early stages and a handful of people are testing it out.

Google Glass is a high-tech glass which integrates a computerized interface into the wearer’s field of vision and help cops to instantly see the previous record, mugshot and other key information of the suspect.  According to the report in NY Post, The sources said that, if it works, it could be very useful for a patrolling cop who walks into a building with these glasses on.

It would be like the Terminator. You walk past somebody and you get his pedigree info if he’s wanted for a warrant right on your eye screen. You can identify the bad guys immediately within seconds. In addition to providing cops with instant internet access, Google Glass could also be used to record audio and video of interactions with suspects and other members of the public. ‘That would enhance the safety of officers,” the source said. “It’s a win for cops and the public”.

The glasses, which have yet to hit the market, are only available through Google’s Glass Explorer Program. It allows organizations to beta-test the new specs for a price of $1,500 each, according to Google’s Website.
“We think it could help impact patrol operations in New York City. We shall see”. A Google spokesman said the tech site it is not working directly with law enforcement agencies to test Google Glass’ crime fighting potential, but the Explorer program is open to anyone who wants to apply.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Sochi Winter Olympics Kicked off with Lavish Opening Ceremony

The 22nd Winter Olympic Games have officially started with a lavish opening ceremony at Sochi, Russia. The opening ceremony was splendid with fireworks, colorful music, traditional dancers all over the place and energetic spectators from all around the world to witness the dazzling opening of great game event in the amazing country of Russia.

There were more than 40,000 guests along with 44 heads of states which includes Greece, Italy, China and also Ban Ki-Moon, head of UN attended the opening ceremony. The glorious Olympic flame was lit by two Russian sporting legends. The Opening Ceremonies at the XXII Winter Games in Sochi showed that Russia breathlessly ready and able to take its place in bizarre art form of opening ceremonies.

Olympic Rings in Sochi

Colorful Olympic Rings at Olympic Park in Sochi, Russia on the day of the opening ceremony. Many people gathered in the Fisht stadium to have glance of the glorious opening ceremony.

Maria Sharapova with Olympic Torch

In the above image, Russian Tennis Ace, Maria Sharapova can be seen holding the historic Olympic Torch before the event start at stadium.

Ban Ki-Moon with 2014 Winter Olympic Torch

Ban Ki-Moon, head of UN in Sochi walking through the street by holding the Torch near the Fisht Olympic stadium in Russia with security personnel all around him.

Fisht Stadium in Sochi, Russia

The pre-show look of the Fisht Olympic Stadium can be seen in the above image, beautifully structured to play and view. Complete security all around and many cameras to notify every corner of the stadium.

Team England at 2014 Winter Olympics

England Team during the parade at the opening ceremony of 22nd Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Nordic combined skier Todd Lodwick representing the England team by carrying the national flag of the country.

Team England Athlets at Sochi Stadium

England team members can be seen in the above image with a closer look after the completion of the team parade in the Fisht stadium. England team athletes can be seen waving the spectators during the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Facebook Launched New Look Back video Feature

Celebrating its tenth birthday, Facebook introduced a new feature of Look Back video to its social networking site. This feature is designed to mark the anniversary of this major social networking site in the world. A Short video for most significant moments of your social networking life will be used in this feature to make a video of your profile.

Pictures, life events, status updates and other information have been collected from the Facebook profile from the day since the user started to use this social networking site to package into a video. This Look Back video can be shared onto the timeline of the profile. The look back machine automatically selects the feed from the user’s Facebook activity, and accumulates it into a one minute video of your Facebook career.

Facebook A Look Back feature

The video starts with a blue colored slide, stating 'A Look Back' adjacent to Facebook logo. Immediately follows cameo photo stating, 'You Joined in (year)', and after that series of your first moments and most liked posts. The video finishes with thumbs up symbol, which we normally use for Facebook like.

Many industry experts agreed that this feature is a delightful one that shows a tour through memories of past. Some of the other showed negative reviews on this feature stating that Facebook is trying to monetize around the personal information of the user. Till now there is no information on how many movies have been viewed by the viewers.

Some of the Twitter users seem to fed up of the videos of people they are getting in the timeline. The initial reaction of the users was happy when it started on February 4, but on the other side, Twitter is flooded with tweets of users mocking the new feature of the Facebook. They took a dig at Facebook’s new Look Back feature.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Airlines Increased Security on Possible Olympics Toothpaste Bombs

A federal law enforcement official said that airlines flying into Russia in advance for Winter Olympic Games are being advised to increase security because of the possibility that terrorist operatives could use toothpaste tubes to fabricate explosives to interrupt the games, according to the report in USA Today.

This information about the possible threat attack was picked up in a stream of intelligence security that authorities have been analyzing in advance of the Sochi, Winter Olympic Games, which have already been threatened by Islamist extremists. Security already tightened in Russia in the view of the event concerns.

Warning of Toothpaste Bombs

The official, who is not authorized to comment publicly, has briefed the possible threat matter. He said that the actual news is still unclear whether launching such an attack was viable, the warning was not based on a specific threat. The official said the decision to alert the airlines was made out of an abundance of caution and is likely to be the first of many such bulletins issued related to possible threats in Russia.

Security preparations for the Sochi Games have been among the most extensive in the history of the Olympics because of the persistent threat posed by extremists just outside the perimeter of the host city. A security force of more than 40,000 has been dispatched to create what Russian authorities have described as a "ring of steel'' around the city and venues that stretch from the Black Sea Coast to the Caucasus Mountains to the east.

Preparations were stepped up in late December after twin suicide bombings in the city of Volgograd, nearly 500 miles from Sochi, left more than 30 dead.

As recently as Tuesday, President Obama was briefed on the U.S. government's involvement in the security effort and directed American authorities to work closely with the Russian Government and act on any new information that might affect the security of the Games.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Fast and Furious Star Leaves Fortune to his Daughter

Paul Walker, famous Hollywood actor who died in an accident recently, has left his £15 million ponds fortune to his teenage daughter, which was claimed last night. According to reports in the U.S, the Fast and Furious star wanted everything he owned to go to 15-year-old Meadow.

The 40-year-old, who died after the car he was travelling in became engulfed in flames following a crash in November, named his father as the executor of the will. Paul Sr. has reportedly petitioned the court to designate Walker's mother Cheryl to be the guardian of Meadow as well as oversee the inheritance that was left to her.

Paul Walker's Daughter Meadow
Currently Meadow is staying with her mother, Rebecca Soteros, and it remained unclear last night she agreed with Cheryl becoming her carer. At the time of Walker's death the teenager was staying with her father full-time. A court hearing is allegedly set for late February. Paul died alongside driver and pal Roger Roads after he lost control of his 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, which slammed into a telegraph pole and then burst into flames.

His death certificate, which was published by TMZ, says the death would have been rapid. Roger also died from "multiple traumatic injuries," but according to TMZ there were no burns linked to his death. Last month Paul's best friend and co-star Tyrese Gibson opened up about his sense of loss following the tragedy.

In his first televised interview following the death of his friend, Tyrese told how the tragedy has affected him during an appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show. "I've never been depressed in my life but I was very, very sad and down, it took me a minute to shake it," the 35-year-old star revealed. The Fast & Furious star's ashes were interred at Hollywood's Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Old Step Pyramid Uncovered in Egypt

A step pyramid has been discovered by archaeologists, who are working near the ancient settlement of Edfu in Southern Egypt. This step pyramid is expected to be 4600 years old predating Great Pyramid of Giza by atleast a few decades.

This step pyramid, which once stood as high as 43 feet (13 meters), is one of seven so-called ‘provincial’ pyramids built by either the pharaoh Huni (reign ca. 2635-2610 B.C.) or Snefru (reign ca. 2610-2590 B.C.). Over time, the step pyramid's stone blocks were pillaged, and the monument was exposed to weathering, so today, it's about 16 feet that is 5 m tall only.

The provincial pyramids are located near major settlements, scattered throughout the central and southern Egypt. They have no internal chambers and were not intended for burial. There are seven pyramids in which six are almost identical dimensions including the newly uncovered one at Edfu.
Though scholars knew of the existence of the pyramid at Edfu, the structure had never been excavated before Marouard's team started work in 2010, he said in the study. His team found that the pyramid was covered by a thick layer of sand, modern waste and remains from the pillaging of its blocks.

It didn't look like a pyramid he said, and people in a nearby village even thought the structure was the tomb of a sheikh, a local Muslim saint. As the team went to work cleaning the monument, the ancient pyramid was revealed.

The team also found hieroglyphic graffiti incised on the outer faces of the pyramid. The inscriptions are located beside the remains of babies and children who were buried at the foot of the pyramid. The researchers think the inscriptions and burials date to long after the pyramid was built and that the structure was not originally intended as a burial place.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Hermione Granger didn't Really Belong with Ron Weasley

Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley are unforgettable names of sequential Harry Potter. There is no movie lover in the world not familiar with the movie and the characters in that movie. These sequels dragged many people to believe on magic. Excellent use of graphics, amazing actors and extraordinary presentation of script make this movie a super hit.

Hermione didn't really belong with Ron

J.K. Rowling, a famous British novelist, is the original author of the fantasy series of Harry Potter. The fantasy series of Harry Potter had finished seven years before by Rowling. Rowling recently confessed that she is having second thoughts about romantically pairing Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. In the movie, Harry and Hermione always seemed so perfect for each other but she paired with red head Ron. Some fans of the sequential book never warmed to that idea of Hermione and Ron.

J.K. Rowling admits in an upcoming interview with Emma Watson in Wonderland Magazine and also teased in Sunday Times, that she might have done things differently. She told Watson, who is also the guest editor for the magazine, “If I’m absolutely honest, distance has given me perspective on that, it was a choice I made for very personal reasons, not for reasons of credibility. Am I breaking people’s hearts by saying this? I hope not”.

JK Rowling Harry Potter

Rowling added, “I wrote the Hermione and Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfillment. That’s how it was conceived, really. For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron”.

Watson didn’t seem shocked by the revelation, telling Rowling, “I think there are fans out there who know that too and who wonder whether Ron would have really been able to make her happy”. May not be the good news for Ron Weasley but at least Rowling didn’t kill him off altogether.