Friday, 7 February 2014

Facebook Launched New Look Back video Feature

Celebrating its tenth birthday, Facebook introduced a new feature of Look Back video to its social networking site. This feature is designed to mark the anniversary of this major social networking site in the world. A Short video for most significant moments of your social networking life will be used in this feature to make a video of your profile.

Pictures, life events, status updates and other information have been collected from the Facebook profile from the day since the user started to use this social networking site to package into a video. This Look Back video can be shared onto the timeline of the profile. The look back machine automatically selects the feed from the user’s Facebook activity, and accumulates it into a one minute video of your Facebook career.

Facebook A Look Back feature

The video starts with a blue colored slide, stating 'A Look Back' adjacent to Facebook logo. Immediately follows cameo photo stating, 'You Joined in (year)', and after that series of your first moments and most liked posts. The video finishes with thumbs up symbol, which we normally use for Facebook like.

Many industry experts agreed that this feature is a delightful one that shows a tour through memories of past. Some of the other showed negative reviews on this feature stating that Facebook is trying to monetize around the personal information of the user. Till now there is no information on how many movies have been viewed by the viewers.

Some of the Twitter users seem to fed up of the videos of people they are getting in the timeline. The initial reaction of the users was happy when it started on February 4, but on the other side, Twitter is flooded with tweets of users mocking the new feature of the Facebook. They took a dig at Facebook’s new Look Back feature.


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