Friday, 22 April 2016

Travel Guide to Cebu, Philippines Attractions

Cebu is an exceptional and the most significant metropolitan center in the country of Philippines. Situated in the central Visayas, Cebu is the blend of beautiful islands. The city of Cebu is the perfect place to enjoy natural beaches that cleansed by the mild blue waters of the Visayan Sea.

Cebu Travel Guide

The tropical weather conditions and the fabulous spots of the city of Cebu make it a major tourist destination in the Philippines. The rushing streams that drop from the mountain peaks towards the sea, the songs of colorful birds and aquatic dolphins are the particularities of direct flights to Cebu that fascinates tourists from round the world. Flights to Cebu have a lot of things to see and much to do for the visitors of all ages.

Things to do in Cebu, Philippines

Reach the Kawasan Falls in Badian Town of Cebu where you can get boundless entertainment and it is the major tourist attraction on the Cebu Island. Get into the oldest Roman Catholic Church of Cebu, The Basilica of Santo Nino and observe the splendid architecture of the church.

Take a ferry ride to Bantayan Island and the white sanded Malapascua Island to have some ferry experience. The Fort San Pedro, San Carlos Museum, Mountain View Tops, the Lapu Shrine and the Mactan area are the other places that make Cebu a perfect tourist destination. Learn scuba diving by registering yourself in any of the diving clubs of Cebu that organizes the events.

Tourists will be delighted to see the rushing streams of Cebu that flow from the peaks of mountains, the songs of colorfully feathered birds and the graceful dolphins dance. Visit Badian Town and enjoy the waterfalls of Kawasan as it is the major destination in Cebu.

The Roman Catholic Church and the Basilica of Santo Nino are the oldest and splendidly accomplished churches of the city. Take a ferry ride towards the Bantayan Island and prepare the barbecue on the luxurious and white sanded Malapascua Island. Learn scuba diving in the clean waters of the sea as Cebu hosts some excellent spots for scuba diving. The Fort San Pedro, San Carlos Museum, Mountain View Tops, Lapu Lapu Shrine and the area of Mactan are the other top tourist destinations of Cebu.


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