Friday, 31 January 2014

Celebrating Year of the Horse – Chinese New Year

Celebrations began all over the world for Chinese New Year in colorful way. The official seven day holiday is declared in China for people to celebrate the Year of Horse. The red colored streets of the towns where celebrations are getting conducted are marked by parades and prayers all around in typical Chinese way.

Chinese New Year Celebrations in China
Chinese New Year Celebrations in China
Things are little bit change this time as revelers in China are being encouraged not to set off fireworks due to concerns about pollution. But fireworks are an integral part of the celebrations in China. According to a survey, many of the people in Shanghai revealed that they are not buying any crackers for fireworks for this holiday season.

Year of the Horse
Welcoming the Year of Horse
On the other side in Southern California, many of the shopping centers are packed with customers making most of holiday season to buy valuables. Asian residents in the California are getting encouraged with colorful dragon at Grove or ribbon dancers at some places such as Santa Monica Place. In Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti will be grand marshal of Golden Dragon Parade on Saturday, put on by Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles and may begin at afternoon 1 p.m in Chinatown.

Chinese New Year
Chinese temple in Kuala Lumpur
Shopping Malls in California attracting Asian customers by celebratinf the Year of The Horse by festooning their courtyards.  They decorated malls with paper lanterns and hired some experts in traditional Chinese arts. The decorative strategies by shopping mall owner are pretty impressive to fascinate some customers.

Lunar Year Celebrations
Chinese New Year at Grove
 In Manhattan, major landmark of the city Empire State Building is lighted with red and gold color. The building is decorated nicely to kick off New Year festivities, the beautiful colors are meant to represent fireworks for the event celebrations which began on Friday and lasts until 15 days.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Prosecutors to Seek Death Penalty in Boston Bombing Case

Washington - Federal prosecutors will seek the death penalty against Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Attorneys for suspect will ask for leniency, arguing he was confused and following orders from his elder brother. They are seeking death penalty for the suspect saying in court papers that the deadly plot was committed in an especially heinous and cruel manner.

According to the report in Los Angeles Times, Attorney General Eric H Holder Jr’s decision, announced Thursday, marks the first time the Obama administration will attempt to execute an accused terrorist in a federal court case. But whether the 20-year-old immigrant will be sentenced to death will be subject to an intense legal fight.

Boston Bombing Case

Tsarnaev's defense attorneys will argue for leniency, portraying him as a confused young man under the spell of his more militant older brother, who was killed in a police shootout. The case is being handled in Massachusetts, where capital punishment is unpopular and no one has been put to death in more than 65 years. A plea agreement could be reached in exchange for dropping the death penalty, as has occurred in past cases.

But citing Tsarnaev's "lack of remorse", the Justice Department said it planned to proceed on behalf of the three people killed and 264 others injured on April 15 by a pair of pipe bombs hidden in backpacks near the marathon finish line.

Boston US Attorney Carmen M Ortiz expressed support for the decision in a court filing. She cited the substantial planning and premeditation in the attacks and multiple deaths, including 8-year-old Martin Richard, a particularly vulnerable victim. Further, prosecutors said Tsarnaev, a Kyrgyzstan native who was largely raised in the Boston area, carried out a betrayal of the United States.

Jarrod Clowery of Stoneham, who was hospitalized with shrapnel in his legs after the attack, said he was relieved he would not have to decide Tsarnaev's fate. ‘Those guys were tried and convicted by a power higher than all of us,’ he said. Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, a former high-ranking Justice Department official, expressed confidence that Tsarnaev would face justice: 'One way or another, based on the evidence, Tsarnaev will die in prison'.

Google Selling Motorola Mobile Unit to Lenovo

Smartphone market is on its peak at this time and Lenovo’s purchase of Google’s phone business may create a big role on the competitors in the same category. There is already a Smartphone price competition we see in the market which is squeezing the leaders like Samsung.

SEOUL, capital city of South Korea, the news about Google Inc’s selling its phone business to Lenovo Group Limited is creating a formidable player in a market for cheap makers. Presently, Samsung Electronics Corporation is dominating the Smartphone market around the world. This Corporation, Samsung has maneuvered a partnership with Google on its popular Android operating system into a 30% share of global Smartphone shipments.

Google Selling Motorola to Lenovo

Motorola is good company and has certain reputation mobile manufacturing market. It is one of the best mobile corporations in the Asia. Recent publications of Motorola Smartphones are pretty impressive in the market but it misses the publicity of brand value. Moto devices haven’t exactly sold like hotcakes.

Google has decided to handover the Motorola Mobility into the eager hands of Chinese hardware giant Lenovo, which may also useful for Moto people. Motorola could truly benefit from Lenovo as it has many product making talents. Motorola has Launched Android handsets last year with futuristic features. Motorola products such as Moto X and Droid Maxx has many innovative capabilities but not able to gear up in the market which dominated by other phones such as Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and GS4, LG’s Nexus 5 and G2.

Lenovo acquisition of Motorola from Google may turn the things for Motorola Corporation to boast their products in the market compare to the other top selling products available. Lenovo is a big firm and expected to change the total behavior of the Moto mobiles if required to push up sales.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Secure Smartphone from Spy Agencies

It is known to all that spy agencies have been catching personal data from Smartphone apps. National Security Agency (NSA) and one more British agency used PowerPoint Slides has been uncovered recently which indicates that they are intercepting the data through Smartphone and mobile phone apps.

Few major news channels such as The New York Times, The Guardian and ProPublica already reported about the collection of personal data on the basis of the documents provided by Edward Snowden, former NSA contractor. The documents showed that GCHQ British Agency and NSA has already collected some data which is transmitted through Angry Birds, Facebook, Flickr, Flixter, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Maps and Photobucket.

NSA Spying Data

They are collecting not only huge personal data but also even more intrusive information is being transmitted through open cellular networks through apps themselves. This data includes user’s religion, sexual orientation, marital status etc which is transmitted from third party ad networks which place ads in mobile apps.

The agencies, NSA and GCHQ are interested in the personal data of very few people. For people residing in United States, NSA need court orders to look into your data after it has been collected. Spying of a Smartphone is not difficult in nowadays as we know that Smartphone apps have been playing fast and loose with users’ personal data.

Spying of data makes you upset, experts suggests that you should secure your Smartphone to make it harder for spy agencies to gather data from your phone. Following are some of the steps you should take care before using Smarthphones.

NSA Spying Smartphones

If you are playing a game on mobile then make sure that your mobile device is turned into airplane mode. Many of the games won’t require Internet connection to run and killing of network connection will block the ads to stop data transmission. While Connecting to internet turn to virtual private network which may trouble for hackers to eavesdrop on data transmission.

Wait until you completely connected to internet through your mobile phone for updating your social media accounts. Better to install HTTPS browser plugin everywhere, you can get it for free to connect to internet securely. Turn off WiFi, GPS and geolocation as they are used to pinpoint your location later you can turn it on when you actually need them.

In other way, simply you can get rid of Smartphone if possible to stay away from these kinds of spying agencies.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Americans Anxious Over Future Says Poll Report

President Barack Obama will lay out his agenda for the year on Tuesday night before a nation increasingly worried about his abilities, dissatisfied with the economy and fearful for the country's future, a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds.
According to an article in Wall Street Journal by By Neil King Jr. and Patrick O'Connor, Since the rise of modern polling in the 1930s, only George W. Bush has begun his sixth year in the White House on rockier ground than Mr. Obama. At the same time, the public supports many of the themes and policy ideas Mr. Obama looks set to emphasize in his annual State of the Union address to Congress. Large majorities of respondents said they want the White House and lawmakers to focus on job creation and early-childhood education, and a slimmer majority favored increasing the minimum wage.

Barack Obama

Just over half of the 800 Americans participating in the Jan. 22-25 poll want the government to play a role in reducing income inequality, and Mr. Obama is expected to back proposals in those areas as part of a broader effort to narrow the gap between rich and poor. Mr. Obama didn't see much progress on his call in last year's address for swift action to tighten gun laws, address climate change and raise the minimum wage. A comprehensive immigration bill he backed passed the Senate, but House Republicans say they will pursue a piecemeal approach.

The president is expected to revive many of those ideas in this year's speech. "You lay outgoals at the beginning of the year that aren't limited to, you know, a one-year evaluation," said White House spokesman Jay Carney, who defended the president's record, telling reporters on Monday that historians would judge the president's legislative record to date as "huge and important." The survey found that just over half of Americans disapprove of the president's job performance, with 43% approving, a trough that remains little changed since the early summer.

Think Possitive

Nearly six in 10 say they are uncertain, worried or pessimistic about what he will do with the remainder of his presidency. Disapproval for Congress, too, is near its all-time high. Mr. Obama's congressional address may offer him the best chance of the year "to try to achieve a reset with a focus on the economy after last year's glitches with Obamacare," said Fred Yang, a Democratic pollster who helped conduct the survey.Bill McInturff, a Republican pollster who also helped craft the poll, said Mr. Obama's personal standing has taken such a hit over the past year that "re-establishing his approval rating will be very difficult."

White House aides say the president also plans to use the nationally televised address to make a case for increased efforts—through executive action, if necessary—to expand hiring, infrastructure development, job training and educational opportunities, while taking moves to combat climate change. Nearly three-quarters of poll respondents said the president should also make a top priority of reducing the federal budget deficit, an objective that Mr. Obama hasn't emphasized recently. Deficit reduction ranked second as a priority, after job creation, among a list of issues presented to respondents.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Google and Samsung Sign Patent Deal

Google Inc and Samsung Electronics Corporation has signed an agreement to cross license their patents to reduce the risk of costly legal disputes over intellectual property and likely fostering collaborate between the two tech giants.

Seoul-based Samsung said Monday that the deal covers patents to be filed over the next 10 years as well as existing patents. Financial terms were not disclosed. Allen Lo, a deputy general counsel at Google, said in a statement that the deal allows the two to reduce the potential for litigation and to focus on innovation. Samsung said it also paves the way for deeper collaboration on research and development for Samsung and Google. The two already collaborate on smartphones and televisions.

Google and Samsung Sign Patent Deal.jpg

The announcement means there will be a higher possibility for Samsung to participate in Google's key projects as a hardware partner, said Chung Chang-won, an analyst at Nomura Financial Investment Co. Chung picked wearable PCs, which connect everyday objects such as glasses to wireless networks, and Google's self-driving cars as the products that Samsung could join forces on with Google.

Samsung is the world's largest maker of popular consumer electronics such as smartphones and televisions, and key tech components such as memory chips for mobile phones and PCs. Google, the world's largest search company and maker of the most used mobile operating system, Android, has been moving to acquire hardware manufacturers such as Motorola Mobility and Nest Labs.

Tech companies often use litigation to stop rivals from using patents without permission but many of the disputes end in cross-licensing agreements outside court. Samsung, maker of Android-powered Galaxy devices, is in legal fights with Apple. CEOs of Samsung and Apple are scheduled to meet next month to give a try at settlement per U.S. court's request.

Google Acquired DeepMind, An Artificial Intelligence Company

Google has acquired DeepMind Technologies, an artificial intelligence company in London, reportedly for US$400 million. A Google representative confirmed the deal Sunday via email, but said the company’s isn’t providing any additional information at this time.

Google Acquired DeepMind

News website Re/code said in a report on Sunday that Google was paying $400 million for the company, founded by games prodigy and neuroscientist Demis Hassabis, Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman. The company claims on its website that it combines “the best techniques from machine learning and systems neuroscience to build powerful general-purpose learning algorithms.” It said its first commercial applications are in simulations, e-commerce and games.

Google announced this month it was paying $3.2 billion in cash to acquire Nest, a maker of smart smoke alarms and thermostats, in what is seen as a bid to expand into the connected home market. It also acquired in January a security firm called Impermium, to boost its expertise in countering spam and abuse.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Gmail Interruption Leaves Many Dark

According to the report in Mercury News, Google’s Gmail service was interrupted for more than an hour on Friday. The interruption is still unexplained and it also affected Google Plus social network and some of the other Google’s web services which include Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Talk. Google corporation’s services such as Gmail and Google Plus are widely used email service in the entire world.

Gmail is Down

The interruption surprised many and people were unaware about the outage of the system server. Explanation is still pending from Google as they are not yet offered any clarification on this issue. It was nuisance for many businesses and individuals who rely on the Google’s web based email services. Some of the users diverted themselves to other social media networking sites to make people aware of the Google partial interruption.

The Gmail outage started after 11 am Pacific Standard Time, but no serious fallout was reported from anywhere. Analysts say that Google has been updating its Gmail reliability. Everybody know that Gmail is started as a free consumer service which is now one of the several web based programs that Google sells to large corporations and government agencies.

Users reacted differently about this interruption from Google, Carter Pearson, a Twitter user tweeted as, “Had to walk across my office to talk to someone earlier, Thanks a lot, @gmail”. Aaron Levie, CEO of cloud storage startup Box, tweeted in a post as, “Gmail is down. World productivity is slowly fgrinding to a haly,”.

Gmail, an free email service by Google corporation is very popular than its rivals in the same category.  Other free email provider, Yahoo also suffered a similar kind of problem in the last month. These kind of interruptions may happen to any service providers. For now it is more good that it didn’t caused any major damage for users.

Facebook is Zoonotic and Will Die in Near Time

It is known fact that major social networking site, Facebook is losing its visitors from last one year and according to US scientists it will lose 80 percent of users within the next three years. This once king of social networking sites has spread like an infectious disease and will die like a zoonotic plague, said by the researchers at Princeton University.

They predict that the site will be abandoned by large number of users by the year 2017 because of the other competitors in the same category. Facebook is going to celebrate its tenth birthday on February 4 and has survived competitors such as Bebo and MySpace but it will lose 80 per cent of its users in next three years by experts claim.

Facebook Will Die

A prediction, by researchers John Cannarella and Joshua Spechler, based on the number of search terms for Facebook into Google; it peaked in December 2012 and has begun to slide off since then. The corporation is yet to update investors on its updated traffic numbers at the end of the month. Its last October report showed 1.2 billion monthly active users.

Despite the high competition in the market and growing popularity of the other social networking sites such as Snapchat, Twitter and new comer Cooler Facebook Company is releasing its new features to enhance the application to be friendlier with users. Web experts saying that Facebook might have lost desktop visitors as the mobile phone usage is increasing highly in daily life.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Study Confirms Texting While Walking can be Dangerous

According to a study by researchers proved we can’t walk straight while texting. If you have a hobby of texting or reading messages while on the road by foot or driving a vehicle, you need to recheck your habits. According to the report in USA Today, a study confirms that texting can make you walk like a robot and drive like a drunk.

Texting while Walking

Physical Therapist, Ms. Siobhan Schabrun, also the lead author of the study, said that the use of a Phone for texting or reading on the road may influence your ability to walk or drive. This influence may has higher chance when texting than reading message updates. In this fast forwarding world of technology it is hard to stop this while walking, but people should take care of themselves and others who is walking or driving on the road.

It is not always comic to hear about the falling of pedestrians on the road, onto the train tracks and stepping into water fountains. Some of them may become disasters which may cause to their life also. Government also making people aware of these actions to take care by displaying ads at traffic signals and major junctions about texting and reading.

Nowadays we see people handling their mobile phones while walking on the pavements.  Maryland, in the year 2012, a fifteen year old girl was hit by a car and dead while looking at her phone. There is a rise in traffic accident deaths in U.S. pedestrian has been partly attributed to cell phone use. People must avoid texting and reading while on the road, if not must be careful while handling smartphones or any other mobile devices while on pavements. 

Don’t Text while Walking

The study was conducted by Schabrun and her colleagues to notify what exactly what happens when a person is handling a phone affects his or gait. They observed 26 healthy and young people to walk through under a gaze of eight cameras and captured their motions while texting. All of the people are well habituated with texting and not able to walk straight while texting.

The motions of the people while texting by the researchers can put pedestrians at risk by drifting themselves away from their intended path. In a statement by Schabrun, the study results were reported in Plos One scientific journal.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

More Friend Updates in Altered Facebook Algorithm

Social Media major, Facebook has reportedly updated its News Feed Algorithm yesterday which let users to get more friend updates than other informative pages that they liked. The corporation also added auto play videos and announced Trending section integration into news feed recently. With this algorithm update, it seems that they are getting back to the basics.

This update will help Facebook users to get more friends activity than the pages that they follow. That means, from now onwards your Facebook profile page shows more of your friends activity and less commercial or non commercial page updates. This change may reflect in user satisfaction for Facebook to make it more reliable and status information provider.

Facebook News Feed Updated

Facebook News Feed Updated

Internal testing of Facebook Corporation suggested this update which may increase user sharing on the site, as they are more interested in sharing their own status than other page updates. A larger quantity of text-only status updates can be seen on Facebook user profile pages from now, as reported in a popular online magazine.

According to Digital Trends, this new update from Facebook will promote updates that include links by pages over posts from the same accounts without links. That means a status update which has links included from a page account will show up in newsfeeds more than a simple text status update from the same account.

In the words of Mr. Chris Turitzin, Product Manager of Facebook, wrote, that the latest Facebook update to News Feed ranking treats text status updates from pages as a different category to text status updates from friends in profile. “We are learning that posts from Pages behave differently to posts from friends and we are working to improve our ranking algorithms so that we do a better job of differentiating between the two types. This will help us show people more content they want to see”, he added.

Page admins may expect the decrease in distribution of the updates because of Facebook News Feed’s new update. But they can clearly differentiate between link update and text update from their posts. Now the questions rise for page admins such as what kind of updates should they post in pages to increase distribution and user engagement? Chris suggested using link-share for the page after the link post update as it provides more visual and compelling experience for people seeing them in their feeds.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Google Removed Extensions That Delivered Malware

If you are a user of Google Chrome, then you might have notified that some ads were popping out while browsing internet. Those were the default extensions that Google Chrome began displaying they were purchased from developers. These extensions were reported as delivering malware to its users.

Malware in Google Chrome

According to a report in Los Angeles Times, the extensions 'Add to Feedly and Tweet This Page' were banned from the Google Chrome, but had following of thousands of users. These extensions were purchased by new people who took the advantage of Chrome feature which allows developers to update their extensions without users’ notification.

Original ‘Add to Feedly’ wrote in his blog that, these are not the regular banner ads that can be visible on the web pages but the invisible ads that work at behind and replace links on every website that you visit. That means if this extension is activated in your browser then this will inject adware into every visited website.

Mr. Agarwal added that he sold the product when being offered a four figure amount but after a month of selling it began delivering the malware. This two extension removal comes after Google Company updated its Chrome Web Store policies in December move forward for all the other who take advantage of their users.

Google Pageviews Declining Issues

Many organizations are worried about the pageviews decline of their websites from the one year. Many major versions are seeing a big slide in the pageviews not only in English language but also in German, Japanese and Indian Languages. Many informational sites are confusing after they check their analytical data of pageviews compared to the year back data.

Declining Pageviews

Even major informational online website Wikipedia is also worrying about the declined pageviews. Wiki has seen a slide of around two billion page views between December 2012 and December 2013. This online free encyclopedia offers tons of information for every kind of visitor from any part of the world. This information major site also lost nearly ten percent of downside in its page views, by a report in Times of India. Experts are blaming this decline on Google’s Knowledge Graphs project.

Facebook Digital NewsPaper App Announced by Mark Zuckerberg

Social Networking major Facebook is trying hard to get back to top place as a social networking source in the world. After the boost of small social networks such as WhatsApp, SnapChat etc from the last one year, Facebook Corporation concentrating on decreased popularity of its social networking site. In last week they announced an implementation of its latest mobile app named 'Paper'.

Paper is a latest mobile app from Facebook Corporation which falls in the category of digital newspaper and will be launched around end of January 2014, according to sources. Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is the major personality behind this project for mobile Facebook users in the world. This product, digital Paper will digitize worldwide news updates from various media related companies but it is not clear that this app is going to be a standalone app or incorporated with Facebook.

Facebook Digital News Paper
Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook

Facebook Paper App May be Available by End of January

With this announcement about digital newspaper, it seems that Facebook is challenging Flipboard which falls under same category. Launched in 2010 and downloaded by 90 million users, Flipboard collects many articles from media sources and represent them to user in attractive manner. This app is expected to be in the market for use from the end this month.

Facebook Corporation has declined to reply on the speculations but with the help of this product Facebook may be referred as a customized newspaper. This News Feed feature from the major social networking site may show up news articles over trends. Facebook eyed on mobile market to boost its user base and increase advertising opportunities.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Google Glass Traffic Ticket Dismissed by California Court

A traffic citation, which was issued against a car driver for wearing Google Glass while driving, was dismissed by a court in Southern California on Thursday. The traffic ticket was issued by a California Highway Patrol officer for speeding her vehicle in late October.

Google Glass While Driving

Ms. Cecilia Abadie was stopped by the CHP officer for speeding her vehicle. The officer noticed that she was wearing the device of Google Glass, so he issued a second ticket for wearing a video screens while driving. According to the section 27602 of Vehicle code in California, a video screen in the view of the driver is banned with the exception for GPS or any other car navigation devices.

Court Commissioner in San Diego dismissed the ticket that was issued for wearing Google Glass as they can’t find any evidence that the Google Glass was in use while the driver Abadie was driving, according to local news reports. But according to the Highway Patrol officer, he saw that the light from the screen of the headset. But the female driver replied that the device got activated when she looked up towards the officer when he is approaching towards her.

This first ever ticket to Google Glass was dismissed in the view of no evidence about the device active while driving. The commissioner also added that he does believe Google Glass falls under the definition of a video screen in state law.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Intel Paying Tablet Market to Use Its Chips

In order to get its Atom chips into around 40 million tablets, Intel Corporation is paying tablet manufacturers to use its chips in manufacturization of the tablet. As part of their goal in the year 2014 to increase the number of tablets embedded with Intel products inside, this cash rich company has decided to pay tablet manufacturers.

Intel has a clear goal in mind to increase the product usage more than triple compare to its last year data. In order to achieve its ambitious goal, Intel started moving its steps by buying a piece of the tablet market which will result in lot more tablets with Intel inside. Till now they were tailoring their products depends on what tablets demand.

Intel Paying Tablet Makers

The corporation disclosed at its financial analyst meeting that Intel will pay makers for the additional components costs of using embedding its Bay Trail Chips instead of present ARM based processors. It seems that Intel is making an investment to get into the market slowly. CEO Mr. Brian Krzanich shed a bit more light when asked about this Intel based tablets, he said that the majority of projects that they have in this year use some level of contra revenue.

Intel Corporation has become aggressive as the PC sales are down and chip makers are not getting success in personal computing as many tablets are using ARM chips. According to analysts, Intel’s Bay Trail Chips are better and good performers. They doesn’t have integrated functionality that they should have to be on a tablet, so there will be need to add extra components for these chips which may create extra bill for the manufacturers.

Intel has decided to pay this extra revenue for the makers cover those bills. Mr. Krzanich added that this payment is not a price reduction but it is an extra cost equalizer. The corporation hopes that this chip introduction will seed the market until next year when updated Intel chips Broxton and SoFIA appear, and no longer require extra payment.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Google Generating Smart Contact Lens to Track Diabetes

Largest internet search company, Google has announced on Thursday that they are developing a smart contact lens as part of their next step towards the vision for wearable technology. TO manufacture these lens Google corporation had to design a flexible and very thin film mounted with tiny chips. Google said that this technology is moving from its early phases and is testing prototypes of the product and discussing with the United States Food and Drug Administration about the manufacturing the product.

Google Contact Lens

This smart lens also possesses sensors and antennas along with tiny chips to monitor diabetics’ sugar levels, glucose in tears with the help of miniaturized glucose sensor. This amazing and technological product by Google is very useful for the users to manage their diabetes and make it easier to stay healthy.

Patients of Diabetes need to monitor their glucose levers regularly but most of them won’t check it as they those checks are normally painful and disruptive. This product may be useful for those kinds of people who don’t monitor their diabetes status. Google smart contact lens is the recent discovery from Google X unit.

Google X unit specially emerged to work on long term risky technology that has the possibility to change the way of living style and not ever expect commercial success in the future. This unit is already in the news for their recent innovations such as Google Glass, connected eye-wear and self driving cars to fascinate many industry experts in Las Vegas gadget show CES 2014.

Google Corporation has said that they had done various studies to test the functionality and comfort of the smart lens. They explored a lot about correlating glucose in tears with blood glucose of the people with and without diabetes. As this product is in its early testing by a group of adapters, so it is very hard to expect the launch in the market for sale.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Russian Company Yandex Partnered with Facebook

The Rissian largest internet group, Yandex NV announced an agreement with major Social Networking site Facebook to access social network user content of Russia. Yandex is the current largest internet company in Russia rushed New York after signing a partnership with FB United States. This internet company’s shares were doubled last year and this deal with Facebook may help Yandex to breach forward.

Yandex now will have access to users’ Facebook data in Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakstan and other CIS countries. Yandex search engine will have access to user posts in Facebook along with others comments on posts. This deal may bring big boost for Yandex to improve the search results’ quality and bringing traffic to Facebook site.

Yandex and Facebook Deal

In this week, climb of almost 3 percent in Yandex share has been recorded compare last one month record. This internet company, Yandex has share of Russian market twice of Google Inc. Yandex said that it will receive access to public content of FB users in the declared countries and this alliance will assist to improve quality of the searches.

Russia has some of the highest internet adoption of any country in Europe and Facebook ranked fourth in social networking landscape in the country according to Reuters. There are few other US firms whose products got success in Russian Market such as Apple’s iTunes and AppStore, GooglePlay and Paypal. Nearly half of Russian Population that is around 66 million people uses social networking sites every day.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Need to Review Your Google Settings to Increase Security

After the announcement of the controversial feature in Google which lets your Gmail and social network Google plus collaborate for easy email sending people are looking for the opt out settings to make their profiles more secured. When people creating a Google mail account, him or her also agreeing for more, now it’s time to check what those are.
This new feature from Google makes it easier for user to send email to a person who is added in that person’s Google plus circle. For more information about the Social Network connection to Google mail please visit Google Links Social Network Contacts to E-mail. Indirectly, that means now people can receive emails from strangers. This bold move by Google Company has surprised many users and industry experts. There are also settings to opt out from these kinds of features that Google has.

Opt Out from Receiving Emails from Google+ Contacts

You can opt out from this feature if you don’t want to receive any emails from the contacts in your Google+ circles.

Step to Change Google Settings

To change the default settings
  1. First sign into your Gmail account
  2. Visit your Gmail settings page that can be found by clicking settings button on Top right corner of the page under your name
  3. Go to General tab and look for Email via Google+ option
  4. Here you can set the options for who can email you via your Google+ profile by default it will be Anyone on Google+ as shown below
  5.  Finally click Save Changes in the bottom of the page and you are done.
Google+ Settings
Get Rid of Google+ Account

Google+ has became a big social networking site now, everybody is looking for creating an account in Google plus. Whenever a user creates a Google account, by default Google is creating Google+ account for that registered user. If anybody who is not interested in Google+ they can opt out this feature through Google+ Settings page.

Steps to Delete Google+ account
  1. Log in to your Google+ account and select settings options in the left hand side drop down features.
  2. At the bottom of the settings page, go to the option Disable Google+ account which can be seen in below image.
  3. Then a list of data which gets deleted along with Google+ account will be displayed. Check these instructions carefully before deleting your Google+ Account.
  4. Tick the check-box and click Remove Selected services and you are done.
Delete Google+ Account
Clear Web History Tracking by Google

Google by default keeps track of all your web history which also includes your images, videos, news and map searches. You can remove all the web search history from the Google account which is stored. Here you can select the options to remove which you don’t want Google to track and record from the list.

Steps to Remove Web History Tracking

In order to remove web history tracking by Google,
  1. Sing In to your Google account and navigate to your Web History Page.
  2. Here you can see the entire history of your web search in the past, Now check the options for which data you want to delete.
  3. Select the check boxes that you want and click Remove Items option on the top of the list, and you are done with the clearing web history, image can be seen below.

Clear Web History from Google
Check Out from Shared Endorsements

In the month of November 2013, Google Corporation has announced a new terms of service update which lets the company to show your profile photo and name right next to the reviews and advertisements. With the help of this feature you can share your recommendations through +1 to the post or writing reviews to any product or organization on Google map. You can also opt out from this feature if you do not want Google to use your image and profile on any brands.

To Opt Out from Shared Endorsement Feature
  1. Go to Google+ settings page
  2. Scroll down to Shared Endorsement settings, Click Edit
  3. Uncheck the check box which says “Based upon my activity Google may show my name and profile…”
  4. Click Save, and you are out of Shared Endorsement feature.
Shared Endorsement feature

Sunday, 12 January 2014

IPL Players Retained for The Season Seven

Indian Premier League (IPL) franchisees have announced the retaining players on the last day of the deadline. The retention of the players has always been controversial from the beginning. This time IPL franchisees are hit by the market for the worldwide recession trend and fall of the rupee against American dollar to make the rich more richer and the poor more poorer.

IPL 7 Auction

Surprisingly the small budget team in the league, Rajasthan Royals (RR) filled their quota of five players by retaining five players. RR kept Australians Shame Watson and James Faulkner along with Indian batsman Ajinkya Rahane and two more uncapped players Sanju Samson and Stuart Binny.
The Delhi Daredevils (DD) shocked everyone by splashing all the members of the team. They didn’t retain any player from their last season. There were talks before the announcement about retaining Virender Sehwag, David Warner and Kevin Petersen, but Delhi Franchise GMR decided to clean the board and pick the new team.
Two times IPL winner Chennai Superkings (CSK) perfectly utilized retention policy along with Mumbai Indians (MI). CSK retained their five of their key players which includes MS Dhoni, Suresh Raina, R Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja and Dwayne Bravo. They fully used the retention policy to keep their most successful players from the previous seasons.

CSK Retained Players

While on the other side, defending champions Mumbai Indians (MI) also retained their good players Rohit Sharma, Lasith Malinga and Keiron Pollard along with out of Indian Team spinner Harbhajan Singh and batsman Ambati Rayudu and left Australian paces Mitchell Johnson.
IPL 5 champions Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) kept skipper Gautam Gambhir and Caribbean spinner Sunil Narine. Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) retained three of their most successful players Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers.
SunRisers Hyderabad (SRH) retained just two of their key players Shikhar Dhawan and Dale Steyn and opened doors for the new players. Kings XI Punjab kept two players South African David Miller and uncapped Indian batsman Manan Vohra.
Total of 24 players were retained by seven teams at a total cost of Rs 205.5 crore, according to BCCI. It is cleared that this year’s IPL auction will be in Indian rupees rather than dollars. There is also no clearance over the inclusion of Pakistan cricketers in the auction.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Cutting Edge Consumer Technology at CES Event

The cutting edge of consumer technology has reached its peak at technology event CES in Las Vegas to extend it further more in the future. The showcased gadgets and electronics are going to make the internet usage more generic manner. That means the usage of internet to make daily work out easier than before at home or out of home.

This biggest manufacturers’ event has made an impacted on the everyday life to make it softer and easier. Here at the event, manufacturers exhibited a range of smart and web connected products which are previously ordinary and mundane. These products include from kitchen appliances to baby monitors and become part of daily domestic existence.

Smart Oven

The Smart Oven
Unveiled at CES and will be available from this summer, the Dacor Discovery iQ is a Smartphone controlled cooker which also contains its own tablet computer to manage mealtimes, different cuisine cooking by different methods at the specified time. Cooking instruction videos and recipes download is an added attraction for this.

The Smart Toothbrush
The electric toothbrush from Kolibree to keep track of your brushing habits not just the frequency but also the technique. This toothbrush sends collects dental data to send it to your Smartphone with instructions on how to make it better with the toothbrush. This product may be up for grab later this year.

Smart Tooth Brush

The Smart Bed
A lightweight strip that slips under your bed sheets useful to track your breathing, heart rate, snoring and surroundings. This smart bed will collect data on complete picture of your sleep pattern and send it to your Smartphone along with suggestions to make it better.

Many products were demonstrated at the CES event. Self driving smart cars were demonstrated which can avoid traffic congestion and collisions. They can even find a closest parking space to the destination place. Refrigerators are become smarter than ever which will let you know when to buy more ketchup and when the milk is on the turn. The Mimo baby onesie sleep suit which also works as a baby monitor.

Smart Toilets, Edison Circuit Board from Intel, Cisco wireless sensors in water pipes and parking meters and many other products showcased which have updated technology compared to its previous versions. The machines with self thinking technology have also been up for a grab at CES event Las Vegas, Nevada.

Friday, 10 January 2014

LinkedIn Filed Lawsuit Against Scammers

Professional Social Networking site, LinkedIn filed a lawsuit against spam users or so called scammers for violating the policies of the site. The scammers are going to face lawsuit for violating the policy which involves fake profile creations for gathering users’ data. This violation involves creation of thousands of spam profiles which are dedicated to gather information about other members.
LinkedIn Corporation and Social Networking website is used by many people especially persons in professional occupations. According to the company, Last Year in the month of May asurge of members were bypassing security navigations from the website to leach data. These scammers have crossed the security measures such as Sentinel, Fuse and Captcha.

LinkedIn Filed Lawsuit

Sentinel is a feature that is used to limit requests coming from single IP address and Fuse is used to limit profile activity usage. Even these scammers are by passing the Captcha codes with help of automated methods to create spammy accounts. The corporation has gathered a huge data of thousands of legitimate LinkedIn member profiles.
The LinkedIn said in a released statement that they need to protect privacy and control of the information which is saved by members in LinkedIn. These kinds of Spammy activities are prohibited in the site’s terms of use. The lawsuit was filed following the laws on Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the DMCA and the California Comprehensive Computer Access and Fraud Act.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Google Links Social Network Contacts to E-mail

Search Engine King, Google has added a new feature for its Gmail users which will result in receiving emails and messages from non shared people across the network. That mean Gmail users is going to get emails from people they may not know and they haven’t shared their e-mail addresses. This new feature has raised privacy concerns among many users.
Thursday, July 9th in San Francisco, Google announced new feature that broadens the contact list available to Gmail users. This feature includes both the names of people on social Google+ network as well as the e-mail addresses of their existing contacts. With the help of these a user can send e-mails directly to the people who use Google+.

Google Links Social Network Contacts to E-mail

From many days Google is integrating their social network Google+ with users. When a person is signing up for Gmail then he or she automatically given a Google+ account. This social network is almost three years old and is a buzz throughout the world. With this new feature the integration between Gmail and Google+ has got stronger. In words of Google, this feature will make it easier for users who use both services to communicate with their friends. And if the recipients do not reply to the e-mail or message then Gmail may and will block future messages from that sender.
Now, there is no surprise for people when they check their e-mails that they received from unexpected and may be unknown persons. Google also said there will be an option for people who do not wish to use this new feature by switching their settings. But experts suggested that Google might have used the option of ‘Opt-in’ and let the users to opt in or opt out this new feature.
A spokeswoman from Google said that the company has planned to send an e-mail to all Google+ users in upcoming days (within a week) to alert about this feature and detailing steps the change the settings if required. There will be an exception for celebrities, public figures and famous persons, who is followed by many fans.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Speech at CES 2014

Many people gathered to hear the speech of Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo at Consumer Electronics Show CES at Las Vegas, Nevada. She unveiled new mission of Yahoo that is to create, simplify, summarize and personalize the massive information on the web today. Hilton Theatre was totally packed with hundreds to evidence the future plans of Yahoo.

Marissa Mayer was not the only one on stage at the LVH Theater. She was joined by David Karp, CEO of Tumblr, cast members of Saturday Night Live John Legend and Katie Couric along with David Pogue, former New York Times technology columnist. It was a strong speech from Mayer as she was on stage after a long gap.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

In her speech at CES, Mayer mentioned about a massive shift to mobile industry. Yahoo is throwing its chips into the mobile game and they recently climber to 400 million monthly users and company is expecting huge climb by the year 2017 through connected devices. In a talk to USA Today, Mayer mentioned about making Flickr awesome again at the announcement of the acquisition of Tumblr into the company.

Marissa Mayer was very curious about Yahoo News Digest and made a strong pitch for commitment of yahoo to News in tablets and Smartphone. She also introduced and explained the role of Katie Couric, who recently joined company. David Pogue showcased the digital magazine, Yahoo Tech. For this year, Yahoo will be focusing on video content creation and curation. Marissa Mayer has been roaring success as CEO for Yahoo for last one year.

A successful and an inspiring keynote by Yahoo CEO at the major gadget event clearly indicate that they are not going to fall back. With the announcement of new changes and future plans it seems Yahoo is going to give a tough competition in the category for the toppers.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Samsung Show at CES 2014

Every year in Consumer Electronics Show, Technology major Samsung unveils its best of the best products for the users. This year also they headed to Las Vegas show to uncover some of its coolest products. Samsung Company is making the most of the electronics show as it is the major event for industry experts especially like Samsung.

Samsung people unveiling their two new Samsung digital cameras in this year’s CES. The NX30 Camera from Samsung featuring 20.3 effective MP with APS-c CMOS Sensor, enhanced image processor and NX AF System for accurate focusing. They are also demonstrating its first premium lens of ‘S’ Series. There is also Galaxy Camera 2 with all amazing stuff also showcasing in CES 2014.

samsung galaxy notepro

Galaxy NotePro and TabPro tablets also unveiled by Samsung which aim to be very effective for good work and good play. By introducing these technologies, Samsung aimed to grab the top spot in the category of smartphone technology from Apple. These showcased products interface is based on Google’s Android. Galaxy NotePro is having a 12.2” screen and three other TabPros has 8.4” , 10.1” and 12.2” screen size which may go on sale in UK later this year.

Samsung curved UHD TV

First of its kind, Samsung U9000 curved UHD TV also debuted at CES 2014 press conference. This television is the combination of curved screen and ultra high definition (UHD). Here they also announced that Samsung is going to launch three variants of curved UHD TV in the second quarter of this year.

There are many other companies are participating in the technology category such as Intel, Valve, Sony, Sharp, Razer, LG and some other companies. We will have to wait and see that how much impact from these products by Samsung will help company to improve its sales in 2014 year.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Technology Updates in CES Press Day

CES kicks off with a bang, hundreds of industry professionals and journalists roaming around Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. Brian Krzanich, CEO intel, unveiled several new devices including smart earbuds, smart watch and a Jarvis, a smart earphone headset system. He also mentioned Edison, a new system on a chip that is aimed at wearable gadgets.

Pebble Steel smartwatch

In CES 2014, Pebble is showcasing a new smartwatch which is named Pebble Steel an updated versions of playful Pebble. Though Pebble is not having booth at this year’s CES event, but the startup is making rounds at technology show to promote its online app store.
On the other side, it was not a good start for Samsung bendy television promotion on the press day at CES event on Los Vegas. Action films Director Michael Bay was addressing the new bendy television from Samsung in front of industry specialists. But, he was embarrassed with the fluffing teleprompter which failed and appeared to be malfunctioned. He strode into spotlight of the CES on Monday to acknowledge and praise Samsung’s ultra high definition curved TV as a future technology boom.

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1

Panasonic uncovered and exhibited its latest 17.8 cm tablet, the Toughpad FZ-M1 which targets business and government users who is expecting reliability from their gadgets. This tablet compressed of Intel Core i5 processor. It is the Thinnest and lightest rugged fanless tablet in the market according to Panasonic claim.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 Starts Tomorrow

One of the largest electronics demonstration events of the year, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will kick off tomorrow that is on January 7, 2014 in Los Vegas, Nevada. Most awaited event for the electronic engineers to show their geniuses in front of the world. This event conducted every year in the first or second week of the New Year to start with great new technology.
There will be tons of new technological stuff will be available for exhibition and compete. It is not at all boring the history of the CES event. It is a good chance for manufacturers and consumers to show up their architectonics on the big stage.

About CES
The Consumer Electronics Show is a global stage for innovation and the power of technology. The CES is organized to showcase the latest development and discoveries in the technological industry. This is the stage where CEOs from the most powerful companies in tech industry present their product or vision of products that will shape the next wave of innovation.
From CES Eve party to the official closing ceremony of CES is released and on display in their organization’s official website ‘cesweb’.  There are many things included in the list of events and awards as it depends on the person whether he or she is looking for any mobile technology or robotic action or anything else. Almost every technological thing is added here in this event to notify.
People may be interested in the early news release about what is included in the event of CES. Nvidia, a chip-maker has announced a new processor which is designed for mobile devices for better graphics than Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Here we may get the look of Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, Tech Titans keynote, replay of Sony keynote, more events and awards will be followed. For more information about the events in the CES 2014 interested people can prefer official CES web website.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Blackberry Filed Lawsuit against Typo Product

Smartphone Company Blackberry has filed a document in California court stating that Typo’s new iPhone case rips off the famous keypad of Blackberry phone. Blackberry accused Typo Products of copying the design of its keypad in an effort to capitalize on the Smartphone makers’ goodwill and commercial recognition.
Famous television personality Ryan Seacrest is the co founder of the company Typo Products which is accused in the copy keyboard design matter. According to the report in The StarPhoenix, in the filing document Blackberry said, ” The keyboard product from Typo has caused and is likely to continue the confusion, deception and mistake as to the source of the origin of its products”. Also added, “it is likely to falsely suggest a connection, sponsorship or association between Typo products and its commercial activities with Blackberry”.

Mr. Steve Zipperstein, Chief Legal Officer of Blackberry said that they are flattered by the desire to see our designed keyboard on to other Smartphones but will not tolerate such activity without fair compensation for using their technological innovations and intellectual property.
Ryan Seacrest is the current host of American Idol and also producer to several TV shows. He is the co founder of Typo Products along with entrepreneur Laurence Hallier, CEO of Show Media. The Lawsuit from Blackberry came as the company looking to secure its keyboard design. The keyboard layout and its design specifications detailed in the lawsuit.
Blackberry Company asking for numerous rulings which includes Typo’s profits out of the product sales, damages from Typo and a full stop to further sale of keyboard.

Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year Celebrations at Times Square New York

The Last day of the year 2013 was celebrated very joyfully. Many people around the world welcome the New Year with joy. Colors, balloons and lights were all around the streets wishing each other a very happy New Year. Many people celebrated with their friends and family members in their hometowns. Singing and dancing whole night along the streets of many countries.

New Year at Times Square

The celebrations at Times Square in New York, United Kingdom have been iconic in the history of America and American tradition for more than 100 years. More than a million spectators gathered at the venue by freezing their toes off to watch the live performance and especially for the historic ball drop.

Ball Drop at Times Square

In New York Times Square people gather to watch and catch the ball drop on the New Year Eve night. People here celebrated with musical performances, celebrity interviews and iconic crystal ball drops from the top of Times Square Building.

Miley Cyrus at New Year Celebrations

Miley Cyrus was one of the performers at Times Square and ringing in 2014. She belted out a medley of her own songs to get it right and stayed away anything that may be controversial. She wore sparkly gold crop top and trousers which covered with a floor length white fur coat.

Macklemore at Times Square

Live performer Macklemore keeps himself warm in a huge red poncho while on the stage performing Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2014 on December 31st Evening in the heart of Times Square. His pal Ryan Lewis also joined the stage with him to keep the surrounding warm.

NSA Building Quantum Computer to Crack Encryption Types

The National Security Agency (NSA) is starting a project, under the research program, to build a computer system that will be able to break almost each and every kind of encryption and securities to protect medical, business, banking and government records around the world.
The United States NSA is reportedly racing forward to create a machine considerably faster than classic computers, The Washington Post reported on Thursday. According to the document report provided by NSA whistle blower Mr. Edward Snowden, a research program named ‘Penetrating Hard Targets’ also includes a project in which manufacturing of a cryptologically useful quantum computer is included.

The expectations and implications of the machine manufacturing are very difficult to guess. Strong encryption tools which are used today may be included to crack any type of machine with that quantum computer. Probably, highly secured RSA standards are expected to be included in this machine which can decrypt any system at any time when required. RSA Algorithm is commonly used in web browsers security for emails and financial transactions.
Many scientific communities have been trying to develop such a machine which has revolutionary implications for fields like medicine as well as government records. The National Security Agency of US reportedly sees itself as in a race with Swiss and European Union sponsored quantum computing labs.

Facebook Scanning Private Messages

The Social Networking Giant Facebook has been accused of scanning private messages of its user’s data to provide it to some marketers. A class action lawsuit has been filed in California federal court against Facebook.
According to the complaint in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, this social networking company scanned plaintiffs’ private messages containing uniform resource locators that is URLs and searched the website identified in the URL. This is done for the purposes including but not limited to profiling and data mining.
Facebook scanning private messages
The company enables it to mine the user’s data and gain some bucks by sharing it with the other parties like marketers, advertisers and other data aggregates, according to the complaint. This social networking company is said to have violated the California privacy laws and Electronic Communications Privacy Act by its international interception of electronic communications.
High Tech Bridge, A Swiss firm, reported in August that it used an especially dedicated web server and generated a secret URL for each of the 50 most popular and largest social networks for the sake of testing with respect to user privacy.
The filed lawsuit is asking for the class action status and injunction against Facebook’s practices. It also claims the greater of either $100 US dollars a day for each day of alleged violations or $10,000 US dollars for every user who is claimed to be affected.
But on the other side, Facebook people officially emailed a statement which said, allegations are without merit and they will defend themselves vigorously. With the effect of growing social networks and competitors, Facebook is already lacking users from the last year. Now we will have to wait and see what and how this report will affect its users.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

iPhone 6 on Its Way with Killer Specs and Features

Many Technology experts already amazed with the mechanism behind iPhone 5s. Now after the announcement about iPhone 6, they are out of expectations about the new version. From the month October in 2013, after the sale of iPhone 5s, the Apple Company got back the top spot in the Smartphone industry.
Technology giant Apple has not yet confirmed the release date of iPhone 5s successor but specifications are going very high for iPhone 6. With the start of New Year 2014 expectations of features are likely getting the huge bump in the market. With the sale of the iPhone 5s Apple reclaimed the Smartphone leadership from October 2013 and Tech giant closed out the year as number one again.
The Apple Company has aimed to deliver another game changer model that is iPhone 6, which is expected to possess fresh killer specifications and features that would dominate the older versions. In the last version that is iPhone 5s, Apple people introduced 64-bit computing in mobile devices, which was a latest Smartphone forward-looking.

iPhone 6
iPhone 6 New Look
This new version is probably expecting as the first phablet size device and bigger screen size than 4 inch iPhone 5s. Experts say that this version will points to a display panel that is no more than 5-inch and optimized for one hand use.

Details are sketchy for now but numerous revealed patents from Apple suggest that Liquid metal and sapphire will come into play in the making of a virtually indestructible iPhone 6 frame, which of course would stun with radical new look as many phone concepts have envisioned in the past months.