Thursday, 20 February 2014

Future Feature Path of Samsung Galaxy S5

Many people and industry experts are waiting for the official release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 by major mobile manufacturing company Samsung. It is expected that this handset is going to be unveiled next week at Mobile World Congress. Model and specifications are not officially declared but rumors are touching the sky for this model.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Design

According to the review report in CNET, Samsung Company has overhauled design plan for the new S5 model with possible metal elements. Negative reviews about the plasticky look and feel of the previous models of the company seems motivated the manufacturers who added ridged silver trim around their previous product Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S5

There was no official announcement yet from the Samsung people about the exact model and specifications but one can possibly guess it by comparing to its previous models. But the company has a complete probability of surprising the industry experts and Samsung fans with the use of peak technology in the handset.

Jessica Dolcourt wrote on one of her posts about Samsung Galaxy S5 that she would love to see the appearance of aluminum parts and won’t be surprised if they use their old formula of plastic. The inexpensive materials like plastic than aluminum keep the device lighter as production cost gets lower.

Apart from the body material, people may expect an extra sensor or two just above the screen with not much changes in the layout compare to Galaxy S4 model of three button in the bottom of the screen. There were big rumors that Samsung Galaxy S5 may have all touch controls.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Standards

The previous model Galaxy S4 has a 5-inch 1080p display which is very nice and many people adopted that. There are rumors that S5 may cross company’s previous S4 screen standards. It is expected that it may carry an ultra HD resolution of 2560x1440 pixels as Samsung is expected a lot from this device. There may not be great change in the screen size; company may restrict it to 5-5.2 inches.

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera

Expectations are very high about the inclusion of 16-megapixel camera on the new Galaxy S5 as the company want to move the needle up on all key specs. The factors such as optical image stabilization, improved low light performance and camera filters probably on the consideration in making of the new device.

Samsung Galaxy S5 price may vary depending on where buyer lives and may cost around the same price of Samsung Galaxy S4. The product is expected to be on sale globally in the month of March after few weeks of its launch in next week at Mobile World Market.


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