Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Last Doodle of The Year Welcoming New Year

The time has come that everybody is waiting for, New Yea Eve. Every person in the world has his or her own ways of celebrating or wishing others. Google, the search engine king, has its own way to wish users that is nothing but by using an amazing, colorful and cute doodle.
Included many things in today’s doodle such as sparkling ‘O’ which look as a globe and two blowing speakers up of the year number. Dancing, on the dazzling disco ramp, number of ‘2013’ with cute faces, legs also tiny hands and Number ‘4’ is eagerly waiting to join the party.

Google New Year Eve's Doodle
This is the last doodle in the year of 2013 by with Google is wishing a very Happy New Year. This dancing and celebrating Doodle is indicating that ‘It’s a party time’. One alone numeral that is ‘4’ is patiently waiting by the side and looking for the midnight to come sooner to join the party.
Many people are waiting for the midnight to come sooner as they also want to see the first Google doodle of the year 2014. It should be more sparkling than today’s one might be with more hugs and cheers. Today’s doodle when clicked redirects to the New Year’s Eve 2013 and with the search results containing some options and tips for the readers to celebrate and start the new year.
May the New Year welcome you with a colorful future – Happy New Year

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Decreasing Popularity of Facebook

According to a study by social media experts, Facebook is popularity is going down day by day. With the existence of the high profile competitors such as Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp and other applications Facebook is missing user existence like before. The Global Social Media Impact Study noticed that those people who aged 16 to 18 in about eight countries for 15 months and found Facebook use was in sharp decline.
Simpler social networks are dominating usage of Facebook and being replaced by the users. Many young people nowadays are adopting the other simpler networks instead and turning away from this. On the other side people, who are addicted and finding most of their friends and parents who need their updates, are just updating their status just sake of status updates.
According to an anthropologist Mr. Daniel Miller, Professor in University College London, most of the users feel embarrassed even to be associated with it. Many youngsters are moving away in their droves and turning to other networks.
Facebook DecliningFacebook Dead or Buried
Many of the schoolchildren in the survey recognized that in many ways, Facebook is technically far far more good than others such as Twitter or Instagram. It is more integrated, better for photo albums, organizing parties and more effective for observing relationships of peoples, said professor Miller, adding that "slick isn't always best" in attracting youngsters.
Facebook has been overtaken by WhatsApp as the best way to send and receive messages, said the researchers, while Snapchat has gaining in popularity from recent months by allowing users to send images which "self-destruct" after a short period on the recipient's phone in order to maintain privacy.
Researchers found close friends used Snapchat to communicate, while WhatsApp was used with acquaintances and Twitter broadcasted to anyone who chose to follow that person. If this is the case that leading declining and death of the social media giant Facebook, then it should be updated with the new version that users wants to be changed and it should be more user friendly than the other competitors.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Microsoft Safety Application Guardian

A new safety application, named ‘Guardian’ has been launched by tech giant Microsoft on Thursday in Indian subcontinent. This safety application or app enables friends and family members of Windows Phone users to track them in real time. Guardian App is designed especially for women with the aim of protecting them in India.
This ultimate security app is available to download at windows phone official page and works with all Windows Phone 8.

Guardian App Features
The Guardian App has four features; they are SOS, Track Me, Locate and Report an Incident. Using this app, users can allow other such as family members and friends in real time. In a statement by Mr. Raj Biyani, Managing Director of Microsoft IT India, “Our employees wanted to do something to enable people to feel safer in our cities. So they used their spare hours to develop a robust personal security app Guardian”.
This app runs on Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud services and Bing Map APIs according to statement issued by Microsoft. The ‘Track Me’ feature of this app allows friends and family members to track the status and location of the user. This can be useful in the many situations such as emergency by enabling it.
The ‘SOS alert’ feature also let the user to connect with the security forces such as police and hospitals. By using this feature user can also send distress messages to a list of customized contacts through SMS, email or status update.
We can say that Guardian App is a future technology blow in India. These amazing features of Guardian App is very useful not only for women but for all as it is very technologically developed by Microsoft.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Cryptolocker Trojan Pollution Crossed Quarter Million

Cryptolocker is a virulent or virus which is infecting many computers especially windows according to a report by cyber security resources. This virulent is scrambling users’ data by giving a countdown clock and demanding a ransom fee to release the data. According to Dell Secureworks, by BBC report, said that worst affected computers can be found in United States and United Kingdom.
The report added that this ransomware is targeting home internet users after focusing on professionals’ personal computers. The demanding ransom amount is presently $300 USD as this virulent is not the new to the world. In first stages, according secureworks report, it was around $100 USD. From the mid September it is estimated to affect around quarter million computers and grosses up to $30 million dollars.

About Cryptolocker
The Cryptolocker is a ransomware virulent which is affecting computers without any knowledge of the user. After encrypting the computer, it is asking for the ransom to unlock the system with a negative countdown for the deal.
The Symantec has defined it as a Trojan Cryptolocker.B, which encrypts files on the compromised system and prompts the user to buy a password in order to unlock or decrypt. According to Symantec, when this Trojan executed, it will be copied itself in MSUNET which is an executable file, and then creates registry entries. Whenever the windows starts it will get executed. This Cryptolocker virulent then locks the desktop by encrypting files and then displays a ransom demand.
Some of the Anti Virus software corporations such as Symantec have solution to clear the virulent like Cryptolocker B and they released some recommendations for the users who got infected by this ransomware. For more information on this virulent people can browse for secureworks cyber works intelligence page.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Best Christmas Gift People Prefer

Christmas Celebrations has different meaning for every person who wants to celebrate the festival. December holidays, Santa Cruz, Shopping, Colorful gifts, tasty cuisine and many more. Each part of the world will celebrate this festival differently. Most of them wish each other with exchanging gifts.
Best Christmas Gift Tab

Tech Christmas gifts are a favorite for many people who is interested in presenting gifts to their beloved ones. There are significant changes in technology today compare to the past. Let us consider an example of a tablet, an Apple tablet in the year 1993 would have cost around £430 with just 150kb of memory, that make a big difference from the present £399 16GB iPad Air today.
Smartphones, tablets, PCs and many other electronic items have been popular for past few years but they have actually been on Christmas lists for the past two decades.

Schaft Robot from Google Wins DARPA Rescue Challenge

DARPA Robotic challenge event in Miami, Florida, A Japanese robot called Schaft, owned by Google won a rescue challenge. This challenge of rescue is hosted by the Pentagon’s research group called DARPA.
Google’s Schaft robot had beaten its rivals by a way of margin on eight different tasks. This event gathered some of the world’s most advanced humanoid robots against each other from around the world. The challenge had series of complex tasks that the competing robots have to compete with each other to win. Schaft is a Japanese company that was recently acquired by Google as part of segue into robotics. Now we can say that Google has a best humanoid robot as it won the rescue challenge.

The Rescue Challenge of DARPA Comprises of Below Tasks
    Drive a utility vehicle for some distance

    Climbing 8 feet high ladder

    Clear debris that blocking a doorway

    Pull open a lever handled door

    Crossing a distance on has only ramps, steps and blocks

    Cutting a shape of triangle in a wall using a drill which is cordless

    Close three air valves, each controlled by a different-sized wheel or lever

    Unreel a hose and then screw its nozzle into a wall connector

    After the competition, DARPA said it has been an inspiration to organize the challenge after it became clear robots were only capable of playing a very limited role in efforts to contain disasters such as Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdown in Japan in the year of 2011. In a statement by program manager for DARPA Robotics Challenge, Mr. Gill Pratt said,” What we realize was … these robots couldn’t do anything other than observe. What they needed was a robot to go into that reactor building and shut off the valves.”

    Sunday, 22 December 2013

    Apple May Boost in China with China Mobile Deal

    Technology master Apple has signed a deal with China Mobile to boost its iPhone market in China. We all know that iPhone is most technologically manufactured smartphone. Now Apple Company eyed Chinese market to boost its sales through the world’s largest carrier. China has largest Smartphone market which may help Apple to increase the sale of their iPhone sale.
    Apple and China Mobile Deal
    Apple and China Mobile Deal
    According the report in BBC, The China Mobile has more than 760 million subscribers and is one of the three networks which are to be given first 4G licenses. In the last quarter, China Mobile reported an up profit of 1.5% to 63.1bn yuan in August 2013. Despite tough competition through its competitors, this firm gained good profits in the last quarter.
    In a statement by Apple’s Chief Executive, Mr. Tim Cook, “China is an extremely important for Apple, our partnership with China Mobile presents us an opportunity to bring iPhone to the customers of the world’s largest network”. The country of China is recorded as one of the biggest Smartphone using country with more than 1.2 billion users.

    Apple's iPhone

    According to researchers’ estimation, this deal can boost the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c sales in China which will be available to China Mobile subscribers from mid January 2014.

    Saturday, 21 December 2013

    Flawless Standards of iPhone 5s at Your Fingers

    iPhone 5s, a product from the peak of possible technology. Manufacturing of iPhone has always been forward thinking and that is exactly what iPhone 5s is now. A pioneering 64-bit mobile architecture, innovative fingerprint identity sensor, dual LED flash and many more amazing features are included in iPhone 5s. These specialized features are the evidence that considered innovation can prevail over rampant technology.
    iPhone 5s Standards
    Purposefully imagined, iPhone 5s is meticulously considered and precision crafted. This very useful cutting edge technology is depicts what should be next possible thing in the world of technology. Apple’s best engineers and amazing designers compressed first of their kind technologies inside a small space that’s a just 7.6 millimeters thin and 112 grams light and created this smart one. A feat like that required designing or redesigning multiple components which resulted in an incredibly extraordinary powerful smartphone.
    iPhone 5s Design
    iPhone 5sThe idea of touch was first introduced by the first iPhone as the way to interact with a smartphone to keep the standards of it. Now, we need just a touch to browse the web, just touch to take a snap and just a touch to make a call. But now the new model has taken that standard to the new level with highly secured Touch ID. This Touch ID is the identity sensor of the fingerprint of the iPhone’s user. Users might not be amazed with this changed technology as iPhone has a name for these kinds of changes. Now you don’t have need to remember the password for your phone. Just a touch can do it for you. Your fingerprint is always with you and more than that no one can ever guess that. It is all coded in the iPhone 5s and users don’t even notice what is going on inside when they touch the screen.
    iPhone 5s Battery Life
    Many people may think about the battery life of this incredible smartphone which included amazing features. A new mobile chip has been attached for true life and faster performance. New chip and new coprocessor for iphone 5s (A7 and M7) has been created to make more reliable on battery.
    According to the official Apple website, A7 chip is designed around 64 bit architecture. This chip gives the power it needs for all the capabilities that the phone has.
    iPhone Camera
    Keeping in mind of the standards of the iPhone, the camera has been designed in such a way it should shoot consistently great photos at any time. It is fully featured and packaged in a slim and light device. The iSight Camera has become the world’s most popular camera and people love using it. They put 8 MP camera but added a larger state of the art sensor to it. And it is larger than 15 percent compare to the last update.

    Friday, 20 December 2013

    Good Days Ahead for Blackberry

    BlackberryOnce the Dominant in the smartphone market, Blackberry has agreed a five year deal with Foxconn Technology Group. The Foxconn Group is a Taiwanese multinational contract manufacturing company also called Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd. This manufacturing company is the largest electronics contract manufacturer in the world.
    According to the news published in the BBC, these two companies will initially work on the development of a new product of smartphone.

    Blackberry Z10
    Blackberry Z10
    Massive $4.4 billion Loss Reported by Blackberry
    On Friday, Blackberry reported a massive loss of £2.7bn ($4.4 bn) for the third quarter. This Smartphone company has been hit by other success and popular Smartphone launched by other companies such as Apple, Samsung and others. Desired results were not achieved for its attempts to boost its market share.
    Blackberry reported 56 percent drop in the revenue in its first quarterly report under the newly appointed chairman and chief executive John Chen. Despite the negative results, Mr. Chen said that this Blackberry has a really good shot of turning a profit in the year 2016. Chen added, "I'm hoping we never have to have a conversation going forward about inventory write downs,”.
    The new product, the Foxconn’s Blackberry phones are expected to be released in the month of March or April and will be manufactured in Indonesia and Mexico. Hoping this may workout for Blackberry.